Friday, July 19, 2013

ExtinctExist - Demo MMXIII

ok, dissident noise is back in track after some slavery months , bringing you some noise , enraged noise :

ExtinctExist, melbourne based ,  2/3 nuclear death terror members composed band , unleashes here a ndt/sacrilege thrashy shockwave of stench/crust  ...

the writer aboards the following themes , by tracklist order - technology provoked ecological breakdown , post war destruction , regicide and the sacrifices made in name of society's only real god, greed* - then you know it can only be some good old crust as fuck soundtrack to our day to day surrounding of self anihilation - download it , put it top loud on your headphones and go give a tour in your city center. enjoy the enslaved routine. aaaah .


(with lyrics)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Degraded - Generalized Opression

in the way of massgrave, extreme noise terror, accion mutante and agathocles this crew from bordeaux (sw france) delivers a massive grind/crust assault for the enraged, crust feeded anti-mass, growling against all specist/capitalist/authoritarian form of control. tomorrow i'll see them at the antidote for the first time (i'll put something up) - they can be near you some day too, watch out and enjoy the threat!

album, gig agenda, orders and contact:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sem Talento - discography

Sem Talento (or 100Talento) were from 2005 to 2011 part of the vanguard of portugal's crust/grind/extreme metal underground, DIY and antimainstream scene, a very small scene but definetively one of the most 'united' and mixed, which gives it many varied influences - this probably because of the lack of places and gigs and the 'emmigration' of almost everyone to other places, appart from the efforts to bring bands on tour.
from vila nova de santo andre, small town in the southwest of the peninsula, this 6 men noise army (2 vocals/2 guitars) unleash a razorblading mix of mainly crust as fuck riffs, death metal/grind blast-beating parts, along with the slow d-beat tank to underline the influences from accion mutante, ratos de porão, terrorizer, sepultura, nuclear death terror, hellshock, and from portuguese bands probably subcaos and deskarga etilika (one of the singers sings in 'Allgarve Não').
the lyrics go against fuckin cámone tourists, religion, anti-mainstream punk, capitalism, por-tugalândia itself and the social injustice related to all these parts who feed alienation and it's opresion. 
enjoy the chungaria alentejana noise.

Sem Talento live @Braga

thanks to anoise records and 100talento for the unflexible DIY attitude who inspired so many lost crusties who (still) don't know about anything - HA!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Abduktion & Versklaven - Rise from the Void split tape 2012

here in this yankee split you've got first a delivery of 4 direct raw hardcore punk tracks by houston's Abduktion,  'Opresion' and 'Policia Mierda' are sang in spanish and 'War Crimes' and 'Sick Society'  - fast, enraged but very perceptible vocals, fast and brutal drum attack, along with riffs that can go from hardcore to crust in no time as the drums command - no solos to lead, only raw power.
the two last songs are delivered by austin's Versklaven (means 'to enslave' in german), vanguarded by desperate, murderous, throat ripping feminin vocals, backed by a sacrilege/antisect like instrumental, really heavy, metallic, histerically fast riffs, supported by an apcalyptic d-bombardment, in the line of after the bombs. an hellish noise simphony.

PS: oh, and for sure, i'll tell what one of the label guys 'advised' us: if you have the mone.. ups, if you have a vinyl pla... fuck, sorry, if you like the music, buy it.
and now my part: buy it directly to the band, and if you get to know the label is run by any rich cunts, vice magazine writers or any other fuckheads, well, at least consider about it before handing them over the cash they praise so much. 

In the file the tracklist is wrong: 'Opresion' is 'Sick Society', 'War Crimes' is 'Opresion' and 'Sick Society' is 'War Crimes' .

Statement about the copyright censorship against Dissident Noise

after two copyright claims (the first went the easy way, the second is still going the hard way but no big problem), we finnaly got the real taste of the capitalist coercion over the bands own matters - never were the authors claiming the 'rights' but, unilaterally, the labels - and we think it's great this happened, it makes easier and clearer the job of finding who's in it for everyone around and who's in it for their self profit - it distinguishes with a clear cut gold from earth... in other words, separates the shit from the hash.
we choose to wait for the best time to delegitimize the sellouts who, for their own profit, work to undermine this uncontrolable feeling of rage amongst us with the same moralism, valu€$ and methods of the system they pretend to criticize.
noise is fire, and with it we'll burn everything in the path of the radical and definitive destruction of the opression relations inside all the aspects of this society.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Revengeance - Complacent Complacency EP

powerviolence band from portugal, in the frontline you've got a pure dual vocals attack, 'clean' feminin hclike shout delivered, still mantaining an enraged attitude and never falling into melodical shit, lyrically and emotionaly, the same for a distinctive, crustier spazz growl/shout, giving it an heavier dual punch for their anti capitalist/mainstream/specist/social lyrics carried with despair and rage, backed by a bombardment of this mix of thrash, hc / crust punk and grindy powerviolence, with some breakdowns to warm up the mass in a powerfull live performance. in something like 3 years they have 3 releases, north/south split with tinnitus*, john q. citizen*, and here you have the new 7 inch released in december.
nice shit right here, go see them when they or you are nearby, it's worth it. do caralho.

Revengeance - Complacent Complacency download link

revengeance @almaemformol, porto

*Bandcamp link

if you like, buy it directly to the band or to ruin recs - don't buy bootlegs ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Warvictims/Skunk split EP

two monstrous crust stockpiles face each other in an apocalytic d-beat face-off, warvictims and skunk with their respective way of d-bombing your ears off.
the two groups release in a very 'clean' and well recorded some new songs with the weaponry they already showed in their previous records - warvictims here has a similar type of dis-assault as their splits with uncurbed and flyblown, the coordinated double vocal punches with extreme breaks but with a pure raw rage of pain n' despair 'mid-tempo' d-beat... if you know warvictims before you'll get this words, if not, listen and you'll get there easily. about skunk, they release here their brutal crust attack with a fast and marked beat with some breakdowns and blast beat waves which breaks in pieces any enemy they present in their songs: the imposed slave mentality of the self, the values of life (and death) in the middle of this capitalist wasteland and all instituted powers. extreme noise terror, massgrave and disrupt expression style.

this split proves it: a raging noise is a burning fire...

Warvictims/Skunk split EP download link
(actualized link, all ok)

our thanks to Scull Crasher Records and Distri, DIY record label from Athens, Greece.